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Your energy frequency and vibration directly relates to your thoughts and surroundings. Not only that, but also this frequency rises or drops according to the frequency of the things around you. If something resonates at a stronger energetic frequency than you do, that level of frequency pulls you in like a black hole.

For that reason, surround yourself with what you want in life, fill your mind with positivity and purpose, send love to all those around you, and live every day with good intentions.

As a start point, I suggest you meditate and keep a gratitude list daily.

This page provides suggestions and tools catering to some general means of balancing and alkalinization of the body as well as the mind environment. In other terms cleansing and realignment of your Light and Body. Remember working collectively in Harmony will bring the most benefits to you. 

Organic sources of food is going to be the most nurturing to your mind and body due to the natural structure not been modified or changed for its natural wholeness to remain intact. One of the main sources of body rejuvenation is water, but it should be "spring water" . The body should absorb nature resources to give the body the most potent assets of our planet for body repair providing longevity.


Mind & Body

when you raise your vibration frequency you open the floodgates to abundance, happiness, and greater prosperity. You travel on the energy frequency and the vibration plane that you wish to exist on, and attract, like a magnet, all the wonders equivalent to that energetic frequency. The body is our vessel that we have to keep clean & nurtured.  we are nature beings from the mother earth. What she provides to us is for our healing and growth. You must be in control of your consumption of the right things for your body. Imagine your body being a tree of life. Well you have to feed your body with electric nature foods full of life. That is how you grow. Your food should be your medicine and your medicine should be your food. Its by these pure things you can reach new heights in your mind power. The sky is no limit the more in tune you are with mind, body and Spirit. Your Light is the infinite electric spirit being providing life to this body. Think of movie "Avatar" another reflection of our selves. You control the power within you light which is your Love.

Everything is energy. That fruit resting in your kitchen, the tree swaying outside your window, even the computer mouse you’re using to scroll this webpage. When you view energy on a sub-atomic level you don’t find matter. Reaching those heights are obtainable through realizing you have other senses that need to be tapped into. Meditation is key 

Body Rejuvenation

The Body is not only your temple, but is your instrument. The cleaning and nurturing of the body is of great importance for the survival and everlasting gift you are receiving daily. Its hard to remember sometimes how much of a gift a life is when tyranny, turmoil, and crisis happen, but we also have to take responsibility for your body retaining the life. If your not feeding your body life how can you expect to retain it. I go to this extent to give and help peoples understanding because I'm tired of seeing hearing of death that if knowledgeable can be prevented with your wise decision of choices of Life and Medicine to take in and it should all be Natural and balanced. When imbalanced aliments arise, then the  minds wonders and makes it even worst sometimes for worry, which is at the same time "belief" of wrongful doing and judgement. Take hold of your body that was given to you if you desire life and fulfillment of your wondrous dreams of happy and peace