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5 Branches (Sovereignty)

Posted on November 17, 2017 at 5:20 PM

✡Make sure your Tribe knows the 5 Branches of Government in some cases schools only teach 3 undermining and withholding knowledge for power Leverage.. Branches --

1. Executive- Your chosen one (President)

2. Judicial- Supreme Court System(Judges)

3. Legislative- Civil Law makers, Congress(House reps & Senate)

4. People- All Hues(human), States, Commerce

5. Sovereign Citizen- Individual Voice, Entity, Common, Posse, the Corporation Birth Certificate✡

The Government Exists for the Sole Purpose of Serving the People, not Ruling the People.. thus #ChecksNBalances (paper political law side)-Checks & (spirit filled persons, sound/mind & Body side)- Balances #StayWoke

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